Oh Portland. Where did it all go wrong?

From Oh Portland. Where did it all go wrong?
Oh the Blazers.  Where and when do I begin?  I think we have to go back a few years to 2006, the year before Greg Oden was drafted.  Everyone in Portland was obsessed with their new star, Brandon Roy.  He had just broken out as a rookie and if you asked anyone from Portland about Brandon Roy it was all positive.  They even made shirts that imitated the Portland slogan “Rip City” that said “Roy’s City”.  He couldn’t do wrong.  Local consensus seemed to be that Portland was “one piece away” from a championship dynasty.


Then on a different stage March Madness began.  People watched in awe as Greg Oden battled through the Tournament with a club on his good hand, stroking left handed free throws (sadly, this may have been a major contributing factor in Portland’s choice as it was very impressive yet relatively unimportant).  I’d be lying to say that I was not one of those who were very impressed.  I myself even began to wonder what would happen if this big guy was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Fast-forward a month or so to the draft lottery drawing. Portland sent none other then the lovable Roy to represent the team. I may never forget the look on his face when the Blazers won the number one pick.  Grinning from ear to ear like a goofy little kid, he shook hands with everyone and fist pumped for their good luck. From the stupid grin on Roy’s face, you could tell that he had zero concern that the organization would do anything other than draft Oden, “the final piece” to the championship puzzle. It seemed as though he knew how untouchable he was.  In the face of a management’s decision that could send him elsewhere to make room for Kevin Durant, Roy stood on national television beaming, instead, at the prospect of adding a blue-chip center to the core around him. After all, it was “Roy’s City.”

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