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Thoughts on Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster's role in the Blazers future posted on 03/31/2008

I think it's pretty clear that next year, Portland faces a roster crunch.  Adding Greg Oden, a lottery pick, and possibly Rudy Fernandez means there will be some odd men out.  While few would shed tears over the departure of Monsieurs Von Wafer, Raef LaFrentz, Darius Miles, or Josh McRoberts, I think there are a few difficult decisions to be made.  I am far from alone in thinking that packaging together a few of our players to make a trade may be a prudent (and maybe even likely) move this summer.

 Most of us Blazer fans seem to feel that an upgrade at the point guard position is in order.  Many are particularly displeased with the play and development of Jarret Jack and would like to see him packaged in a trade.  So let's call JJ the foundation for our transaction.  As for who else goes with Jarret, I think to get anything of quality in return, we also have to consider adding one of our talented youngsters, either Martell Webster or Travis Outlaw. 

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